Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Headphones and mouse

This didn't happen today or anything but it is still recent. I got new headphones and a new mouse, both of which are really nice. The headphones are sennheisser 280 and the mouse is a logitech G9X. It is a little strange looking but it is actually very comfortable. The drivers come with in application that allowed you to make macros and button assignments etc. It also lets you change the macros depending on what application is open. Currently I only have three different settings. Default, Internet, and starcraft II. The idea of a gaming mouse to some people might seem a little silly. Maybe it doesn't make much of a difference in actual gameplay, but I can tell you makes me feel better. Even the slightest advantage of having quick access to certain keys at my fingerstips is better then nothing. The color of the LED's change color depending on the application and what you set them to as well. Blue for starcraft, red for firefox, and green as default. If you have the money to blow on a gaming mouse I'd recommend this one. The headphones are for the most part very comfortable. They keep sound in very well and keep other sounds out. That was really all I was looking for in the headphones so they meet the only requirements I was looking for. I'd probably get cheaper headphones if I was going to remake this purchase.

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