Saturday, May 15, 2010

Release Date

Can't wait for Starcraft II to come out. It's finally been announced to to release on July 27th. It's only taken them around 5 years from announcing it to giving a release date. I'm not planning on pre-ordering it but I'm definitely going to get it when it comes out. They never sell out of things like this so pre-ordering is just a waste of 5 dollars. The game so far in beta seems way better then I would have imagined. There are a ton of people on the forums complaining about everything though. Some people complain that the graphics are subpar for a modern game, but the truth is that if the graphics in the game were any better you wouldn't be able to play at 60 fps on ultra settings without buying a 400 dollar graphics card. The amount of objects moving around in a fluid motion is just overwhelming at such ridiculous textures. Besides, real time strategy games are hardly about how realistic the graphics are. This game is going to be great.

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