Sunday, May 16, 2010

sc2 community

Lately I feel really annoyed by the general starcraft II community. The only thing I ever read about on the forums is people complaining about certain aspects of the game. Nerf this, buff that etc. It's like people don't realize that for you to win every game that means someone else loses. Then that person complains about whatever you are doing to win. It isn't possible to make everyone happy because not everyone can win all the time. This type of community most likely manifests because of the world of warcraft community, which is generally annoying and immature. People need to realize that this isn't WoW. They also need to realize that this is still beta and not all of the aspects of the game are official. Blizzard is changing things to figure out the best way to have the final game. They don't care about your beta records.

On another note I have been trying to learn zerg. I've mostly been zerglings rushing while trying to spec to hydralisks or mutalisks. Sometimes it has been successful but it doesn't seem to work very well. I love the way they look though, especially green zerg. I wish you were able to choose your color in ranked matches.

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