Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Losing Streak

I had a terrible losing streak the other day. It's hard to tell whether I was just doing really poorly or being completely outplayed. I wasn't able to win a game until it dropped me to a gold opponent. I'm doing better now but I was so close 800 points and now I am back down to 740 or so. I think part of the problem with a losing streak is losing confidence. You are slightly pre disposed to losing if you are believe you are going to lose at the start. Just like any probabilities the previous match has no effect on the next. Just because you lost one match doesn't mean you are predetermined or more likely to win or lose the next. So the point is just not to let losses get to you and you should never run into a huge losing streak like I did.

Side note: Finished 5000 FFA kills achievement.

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