Monday, September 27, 2010

1000 points

Not really impressive anymore but I hit 1000 points in diamond the other day. I only play about 2-4 1v1 games a day so I don't accumulate points very fast. I usually only like playing when I have bonus pool, but occasionally I play past that.  I kind of want to finish getting all the achievements but I would have to sacrifice my 1v1 rating. I know 1000 points isn't very good but I feel someone what accomplished by it just to throw it away for the sake of achievement points. Most likely I will end up waiting for season 2 to throw  my placement matches and grind wins.

Achievement Points: 4330
1v1 ranking: 1008 points Diamond rank 8


ShredGuitar said...

I like this, awaiting your next update!

HaKu said...

Are you really going to hunt achievements on season 2? I mean, it's slow but I think you could also eventually get them over time.