Monday, June 7, 2010

End of Beta

So according the sc2 forums the beta is going to be ending either today or tomorrow. I'm sad but I guess I'll get over it once the game comes out. I've started on sc1 campaign and I hope to finish it by release. It would be cool if they enbaled the play offline feature of the beta and added a difficult cpu to play against while we wait, but I doubt they are going to do anything like that. It seems like they want everyone anxious to buy the game while we wait during the downtime. I'm going to buy it anyway so it is frustrating. Can't wait for july 27th.

Edit: So apparently there is going to be a phase 2 of the beta in a few weeks. That would only be a short while before the actual release, so it won't be very long. My guess is that it is going to be an open beta so they can test their servers under load. I hope they have some kind of campaign testing, but I doubt they will. 

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