Saturday, August 28, 2010

Diamond 1v1

So I finally got promoted to diamond to in my 1v1 league. Yea ok, I was terran and maybe some people look down upon that but I never used abusive strategies like massive marine and marauder balls with medviacs. I always did what I felt was the best counter and utilized every unit that seemed good. I rarely used ravens but they are very situational. Battlecruiser just never happen in 1v1 so I never got them because there is never any time for that. I certainty felt like I was ready to be promoted and that I have gotten much better then I was.


Anonymous said...

Showin my support

Mr. Ekonomi said...

Congratz! ;)

You are a good "gamer"! :)

Hexyn said...

DAMN nice, guess you should woop me sometime haha

Team Rocketman said...

*slow clap*

Congrats on this one.